Happy Birthday Edvard Munch

by Nick Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:57 AM

One of my coworkers IM'd me this morning...

See Google's main page?

Every now and then they change the logo on the main page, either to celebrate a holiday or some other event.  Today is Evard Munch's birthday, and they have a Google Logo featuring one of his most famous paintings, The Scream.

As it happens, one of the many trinkets that fills my cube is an inflatable version of the main character in The Scream.  I also have a version that I use as desktop wallpaper on my computer sometimes.  So I wish a very happy birthday to the now departed Edvard Munch, who so aptly painted an event that I sometimes want to recreate at work on a daily basis.

Yes It's Geeky, But It's Useful Too

by Nick Monday, November 27, 2006 5:12 AM

Normally I try to only post the really geeky stuff on The Coding Monkey, but this is so damn useful, that I have to cross post it.  There is a new beta site called Zamzar, which is a free site for performing any of 150 different conversion types.  You see the complete list here.  Need to convert a Word document to PDF but don't have Acrobat?  Done.  Have some AC3 files you want to move over to MP3?  No problem.  Go check it out.

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