Presenting at Chicago ALT.NET in April

by Nick Wednesday, March 31, 2010 4:06 PM

I'll be down in Chicago at the "Big Willy" on April 14th at 6 PM, presenting to Chicago ALT.NET on Application Instrumentation with WMI.  Here is the abstract:

WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is most commonly used to query for hard drives, find out what services are running, and other basic Windows functions. But, did you know that you can make your own objects queryable in WMI as well, as well as send custom events? We'll go over how to query machine state with WMI, and then how to instrument your own applications with WMI as well. Finally, I'll show how to make a custom MMC plugin powered with WMI.

It's free to attend, but you need to sign up ahead of time in order to get into the building. There is free pizza for attendees, as well as some really nice door prizes at the end.

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VB Coder
VB Coder
5/6/2010 12:52:25 PM #

are you the guy who made absolute untruthful statements about the equals operator and called the vb team a moron, for allagedly making the 'equals' operator use old vb6 com objects? this is out-right wrong, as if anyone would even do something like that, and it was proven wrong by this blog post.

now, if you are that person, your babels are absolutely moronic and outrageous.

firstly, why don't you bow for a language that has been around for nearly 30 years now (vb) and come to understand why it is superior to c# who is of a few years of age only - and had the following of a league of idiotic teen-liker developers who have serious insecurity issues and must use a language that syntactically looks more complex because it has curely braces lmfao - by screaming out how well you fit into this category, you have brought shame on your name.

i suggest next time, you speak based on facts, and hot on the fiction you brew up in your imagination.

VB Coder
VB Coder
5/6/2010 12:56:31 PM #

error correction

allagedly = allegedly
hot = not

and why would a language use == when they can use = in comparison? oh, cuz the compiler hasn't done the extra work to know the difference between assigning and comparing. lol. despite these, i still wont call the c# compiler retarded - it is just, less capable than it's 30 year old senior.

5/6/2010 1:08:26 PM #

I find it somewhat ironic that you are lambasting me for something that:

A. Has nothing to do with the topic in the post.
B. Was written over 4 years ago.
C. Doesn't even appear on my blog anymore.

Did you have a question about the presentation?

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